Böhmerhaus, Trier

Modernization Trier 2014

Böhmerhaus, Trier

SPACE and TIME, OLD and NEW, to enjoy

this was an important part of the modernization of the Bohemian House. The project is located in the heart of Trier, the oldest city in Germany. The main market and the shopping street are within two minutes walk.

The Böhmerhaus is used as dormitory of the Catholic student union K.D.St.V. Churtrier.

The house, which is under monument protection, was built in the style of the turn of the century. The features of the art nouveau, such as ornaments and decorations in the façade, the floral decorations on the stucco ceilings, as well as in the design of the stairwell, are found.
In many rooms one can trace traces of this period, whose respectful preservation was a special concern of the architect.

In accordance with the previously established renovation concept, all windows were renewed in a state-of-the-art design, the interior rooms were extensively renovated, a completely new, future-oriented IT technology was installed, as well as heating, ventilation, sanitation.

The house consists of three floors and a mansard floor, which has been completely replaced and restored according to the latest energetic requirements. The roof surfaces were covered with new slate according to the old-time requirements. The listed old building stands visually and atmospherically in direct relation to the old history of the city of Trier. The façade was carefully renovated and the new painting was adapted in collaboration with the municipal preservation of the surrounding area.

The architect, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Uwe Siemer, is comprehensively trained by his practical training as a stonemason and stone sculptor, as well as by his studies at the FH Hildesheim with the completion of the monument conservation certificate.

Through this long-standing expertise in the field of monument protection, the Architekturbüro Siemer has given the Böhmerhaus project a tradition-conscious modernity.

After one year of planning and preparation, the project was finished within six months. Another special feature during the construction project was that the building was completely enclosed by a scaffolding roof. This made it possible to work through and work independently of the weather.

Beschilderung Böhmerhaus, Trier
Bauarbeiten Böhmerhaus, Trier
Dachgiebel Böhmerhaus, Trier
Innenraum Böhmerhaus, Trier
Innenraum Böhmerhaus, Trier
Treppengeländer Böhmerhaus, Trier
Waschbecken Böhmerhaus, Trier
Wasserhahn Böhmerhaus, Trier
Treppenknauf Böhmerhaus, Trier
Küche Böhmerhaus, Trier
Innenansicht Böhmerhaus, Trier
Innenansicht Böhmerhaus, Trier
Beleuchtung Böhmerhaus, Trier
Stuck Böhmerhaus, Trier
Treppenhaus Böhmerhaus, Trier